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2.5 YRS TO 5 YRS
Happy Art is a curriculum designed keeping mind finer motor & grosser motor skills of every child on the basis of line forms shapes & basic concept of drawing that we teach the child at the academy.
Basic is designed keeping in mind that the child has progressed from Happy Art to Basic curriculum. Shapes are in co-operated into making specific objects & figures.
6 yrs and above
This curriculum keeps in mind skill development in terms of teaching them art with the help of shapes and then creating an entire theme. Whatever the children learn have to be then created into a complete composition. Land, water, day& night such important concepts of nature are developed here. We take the child to a realistic world where the child not only develops good imagination& concept but also a way to express themselves.
8 yrs and above
 In this course we introduce many concepts, there may be landscapes, theme based paintings such as cartooning, pencil shading. .
Creative exploration with different techniques & medium enhance the childs creative ability. Variety of assignments on various subjects such as cartooning, doodling, zentangles , dotlisum, vegetable printing & many more. Introduction to colour schemes and design is also an important part of this curriculum.
BASIC LEVEL III:- 10 yrs and above 
It is designed keeping in mind that we need to cater to the children in a way that they use various techniques which they have learnt in the previous curriculum. Human body figure proportion, Applicants of colours, soft pastels, mix media technique that are important aspects. Presentation, proportion & perspective are important part of this curriculum. In a year the child completes the course so that he/she is ready for the next level.
Pre Elementary :- Std V onwards
This Course is a preparatory of the Elementary/ Intermediate Grade Examination. This has been designed so that the students get the flavours of Elementary/Intermediate Government Courses.
Elementary :- Std VI onwards 
Elementary is specially the course designed by the government keeping in mind for the students who have been keen interest in Art & who would like to take up professional relating courses such as Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Interiors , Architecture & Graphic designing. There are many courses that Elementary lays a foundation to.
Intermediate:- Std VIII onwards
It has four major papers i.e still life, memory drawing, design& nature. We see to here that children transformed their basic drawing to a level where they get the best grade in the exam.
Hobby Courses
Oil/ Acrylic painting 
Oil painting course starts with a basic oil painting course. Every technique in terms of sketching, layering, application of colours & shading is taught in detail. It’s a process for the individual. The idea here is to train the individual to develop the process from oil painting basic to advance levels in terms of designing and creating their own composition with the above techniques.
Fabric Painting:-
Course spells for itself that paintings can be created on fabric too. Shading, mosaic & best of the design composition can be caught on fabric as we decorate it and can be made a part of the home decor.
Charcoal painting:-
The course in Charcoal painting using Charcoal in black & white to create a varied effect. Gradation of colour in black & white is the important concept of teaching charcoal not only sketching & application of charcoal but understanding the theory behind the course.
Coloured Charcoal:-
This course is the advancement of the course from black & white to colour . The application of gradation of colour is taught in detail to create a portrait like effect.
Sketching and painting-
Specially designed for adults who have given art as a hobby in their childhood and who want to get back to Art in full swing. The sketching technique and application of colours taught in details. 
Sketching and painting School level:-
 This is the course designed for those students keeping in mind who do not want to appear any exam, They want to learn art as they are really fond of drawing and painting.
Portfolio designing:-
Catering to the needs of the portfolio Inspired by nature, objects, designs, current & social affairs . We chose subjects that are going to help the students to design individual themes& Ideas. 
Elective Art :-
Elective Art is designed for the students who take art as an Elective in Std IX, X, XI & XII. These children take up Portfolio designing Post Elective Art. Elective art is a subject based curriculum where applied art, nature& still life lay important foundation for Art.
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